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Members of ASSCO come from all walks of life, and bring qualities and skills to the organisation. Not all members are employed by the rail industry and membership is open to anybody over the age of 16. Travelling via section car is a great and unique way to see Australia by rail. Currently ASSCO has 3 levels of membership

  1. ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP - The Active membership is the full unrestricted membership level of ASSCO. It allows a member full voting rights to the society, as well as the ability to participate on all ASSCO runs. Active Membership Cost: $200 per year ($100 membership fee + $100 Insurance Fee) Initital one off Online Training fees totalling approximately $800 to be qualified in part Certificate 2 of Rail Infrastructure. 
  2. NON - ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP - The Non-Active membership allows full voting rights to the society, however does not permit a member to participate on an ASSCO run. This membership level is suited to those members that are unable to participate on a run but would like to remain a member of the society. If a non-active member wishes to participate on an ASSCO run, they will have to become an Active Member at the next yearly membership cycle. Non-Active Membership Cost: $100 per year ($100 membership fee)
  3. FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - The Family membership allows immediate relatives of existing ASSCO members to become members of the society for a discounted price.  This membership level allows the family member to participate on all ASSCO runs however does not grant voting or committee rights to the society. A family membership must be linked to a financial active member to be valid. If the full active member becomes unfinancial or resigns from the society, the family member must upgrade their membership level to remain valid. There is no limit on how many family memberships can be linked to an active member. Family Membership Cost: $100 per year ($50 membership fee + $50 insurance fee)