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About Us

Safe access to operating railways

ASSCO represents enthusiasts from all mainland states who own or are interested in operating motor section cars and is structured to provide safe, supervised access to railway corridors. In line with its current focus on Queensland, ASSCO operates predominantly over the 3’6″ gauge of Queenland Rail.

Our Leadership Team

Jerry Jirasek


Scott Dalley


Paul Allen


Ken Hodge

Saftey & Accreditation Coordinator


ASSCO has held rail safety accreditation since 2000 & operated as a third-party RSO in Queensland since 2003.


ASSCO's Safety Management System (SMS) complies to the Rail Safety Act and Work Health and Safety Act.


Section cars are a unique form of rail travel. ASSCO members come from all walks of life, not just the rail industry.

ASSCO History

A Section Car is a “maintenance of way” motorised vehicle formerly used on railways around the world by track inspectors and work crews. The Australian Society of Section Car Operators was founded in November 1999 after a series of informal meetings, by a group of section car owners who were running in South Australia.

Members in Action

Looking forward to the next 20 years and sharing some of the best sights the country has to offer with our younger and older members alike and continue to be amazed with the section car restorations and passion for rail operations and safety!
Jerry Jirasek - ASSCO President

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