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Why join ASSCO?

Members of ASSCO come from all walks of life, and bring unique qualities and skills to the organisation. Not all members are employed by the rail industry and membership is open to anybody over the age of 16. Travelling via section car is a great and unique way to see Australia by rail. Currently ASSCO has 3 levels of membership.

Active members
Non-Active Members
Family Members

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Family Membership

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ASSCO members are qualified in Certificate 2 in Rail Infrastructure provided by the services of ACCELL.

Frequently asked Questions

No. There are many ASSCO members that do not own section cars themselves but enjoy participating in the organisation’s events/runs. Section Car owners are generally more than happy to take other members as passengers on runs.

Yes. Subject to the car owner’s approval, you can be trained and assessed to be an Operator.

Yes we certainly can! ASSCO members are very knowledgeable and are always willing to assist other members in their restoration projects

Yes, however Safeworking positions will require relevant rail AQF qualifications

The cost of each run can depend on the number of participants and location of the event, but generally is $50-100 per day. As the insurance fee is part of the yearly membership fee, daily run fees cover the cost of the access fee charged by the railway owner (generally Queensland Rail). Members can elect to participate on all or only part of the run if they wish. Runs are generally held on weekends over 2-3 days, but can also be up to 6-7 days. Single weekend day events, such as in the Brisbane or Toowoomba area, are also held.

After returning their expression of interest form and paying their meet fees, members will arrive at the designated meeting point to set on track at the start of the first day. Leaving their cars behind, the group will travel throughout the day to the next township   nominated to stay overnight. The convoy will stop at nominated locations for photos and lunch, with most runs stopping at townships that can provide food and fuel. Upon arriving at the destination, members will stay overnight before setting out again the next day. Members will also generally share an afternoon drink and evening meal together at a local restaurant or hotel before retiring for the night.

ASSCO does not provide accommodation for overnight stays on runs, and this cost is borne by the member. However, members will generally stay in the same motel with many members happy to share a room with another member to reduce costs. However it is up to the member where they wish to stay in the township. Some remote townships have limited accommodation; however this will be advised prior to the event, and generally organised as a group.

Meet Coordinator: Is tasked with the smooth operation by overseeing members and ensuring everything is in the right place at the right time. The Meet Coordinator will determine stops along the route in conjunction with the Safeworker, and address any issues that may arise with members enroute.

Safeworker: The Safeworker is the railway qualified safeworking officer that oversees the movement of the section cars in accordance with railway procedures. The Safeworker will always ride on the lead section car and authorise the  movement of the convoy in accordance with signal indications and train control. Safeworkers are generally ASSCO members who are employed by Queensland Rail or Aurizon and have significant experience in rail/train operations.

Directions given by Meet Coordinators and Safeworkers must be followed by members at all times.

Yes. ASSCO operates on open railway lines where freight and mineral trains can
exceed 8000t. Meet Coordinators and Safeworkers continuously monitor the safety of members around other trains, and their directions must be followed at all

The ASSCO management committee, constitution (2020), as well as our Safety Management System (SMS), rules, regulations, and procedures.

ASSCO and Railway Owners have a zero tolerance approach to anybody who brings the hobby into  disrepute by operating section cars illegally outside ASSCO runs. Members will have their membership with ASSCO terminated if it is found that they engaged in illegal activity (including sexual harassment, bullying, assault, etc.).

Yes. Feedback forms at the end of a run, as well as communicating with the committee, is used to determine where the organisation holds runs for members. Input by members is vital for the society’s operations.

Members participating on a run must have no alcohol (0.00) in their system. Railway owners such as Aurizon and Queensland Rail have random drug and alcohol testing polices in place, which also apply to ASSCO. Police can also breath-test participants in accordance with legislation.

ASSCO welcomes all questions and membership queries. Simply visit our contact page to get in touch!

Get involved! Join our section car group.